Our financial education initiatives


Our ManoMoneta initiative aims to support teachers in grades 3-6 in bringing financial topics into the classroom. The aim is to raise children's awareness of financial issues at an early age and encourage them to deal with money.


The OhMoney offer is aimed at pupils in grades 7-10. With interactive videos and school lessons on financial topics, we accompany them on their way to (financial) independence in an everyday way.

Our finteacher community

We invite committed teachers to become part of our finteacher network. This gives you exclusive access to free additional offers from our initiatives that enrich the classroom. In return, regular use of our materials and valuable feedback help us to continuously improve our offer and tailor it to the needs of teachers and children and young people. You can easily register as a finteacher via the websites of our initiatives. 

Become finschool

Schools that want to make a holistic commitment to financial education have the opportunity to become a finschool. In addition to access to our free additional services, the schools receive an official award in the form of a school badge and are personally supported along the way. If the offer is of interest to your school, we will be happy to organize a personal consultation.