Financial education for youth with OhMoney

Our second financial education initiative OhMoney is aimed at young people aged 14-17. This is a direct follow-up to our first educational offering, ManoMoneta. Because when it comes to money and finance, you never stop learning.

Our aim with OhMoney is to support teachers in grades 7 to 10 in teaching important financial topics relevant to everyday life, and thus to meet a major wish of the target group. After all, 93% of young people in Germany want financial education to take place at school.

The interactive learning offer is thematically oriented to the reality of young people's lives. This target group in particular is increasingly making financial decisions and becoming more independent. We want to accompany them in this development and enable them to act in a financially competent and responsible manner.

On our OhMoney website, you will find not only all the teaching materials, but also the heart of our initiative: interactive videos that provide young people with simple and practical know-how on various financial topics.

 Currently we offer OhMoney in Germany,  but in the next steps we hope of course to be able to spread it even further.